The new
Zeutschel book scanner

The new
Zeutschel book scanner

For many years, the OS 14000 book scanner has been the ultimate plus for digitization projects with the highest demands on quality and productivity.

Newest technological developments and our consistent work on technical innovations lead to the next generation of Zeutschel scanners, which surpasses everything that has existed before in image quality and process efficiency: THE OS Q

The Models

  • There are three models of the Zeutschel OS Q, depending on the document size:
  • The OS Q2 for formats
    up to > A2
  • The OS Q1 for A1 formats
    up to > A1
  • The OS Q0 for A0 formats
    up to > A0
  • The Zeutschel book scanner OS Q is available from summer 2019

The OS Q
Book scanner for a new dimension of quality

OS Q produces image quality that meets the highest requirements of the ISO 19264, Metamorfoze and FADGI digitization standards.

The unique image quality of OS Q is based on the perfect interaction of the latest technical components.

The scanning system is equiped with a state-of-the-art Giga pixel camera with a large CMOS sensor. The camera is characterized by a high dynamic range and the reproduction of the finest gradations. The results are sharp, low-noise and high-contrast images that reproduce even the finest details.

A further quality component is the lighting system with the latest LED technology, which ensures uniform brightness throughout the entire scan range. In combination with a special lighting system, the OS Q enables reflex- and shadow-free reproduction even of difficult originals. This prevents reflections on glossy surfaces or shadows in the book gutter.

The camera sensor and lighting are also optimally matched to each other, to achieve excellent colour rendering (CRI > 97).

Technical Highlights

  • Resolution up to 600 ppi
  • Complies with ISO 19264 / Quality Level A, Full Metamorfoze, and FADGI****
  • Internal image processing with 96 bit depth
  • Data output in 48 bit/24 bit color and 16 bit/8 bit grey
  • True RGB capture on each pixel (no color interpolation)
  • Color rendering index of LED lighting (CRI > 97)

The OS Q: The new benchmark for productive book scanning.

So far, the OS 14000 book scanner has been the benchmark for high scanning productivity, as confirmed by renowned national libraries and archives worldwide.

Now OS Q sets a new benchmark in scan quality and productivity. The new Zeutschel book scanner achieves almost twice the scanning speed of the OS 14000.

However, the productivity of a scanning system does not only depend on the pure scanning speed, but also on other factors such as original processing and data transmission.

The book scanner OS Q scores here with a real parallel scanning – in both directions. The camera link interface offers fastest data transfer from the camera to the PC.

The copyboard systems known from OS 14000 can also be used with the new Zeutschel book scanner. They support the efficiency of the scanning process with functions such as self-opening glass plates, sliding, self-balancing book support plates and semi-automatic working.

Technical Highlights:

  • Almost twice the scanning speed of the OS 14000
  • True parallel scanning
  • Camera link interface for fastest image transmission
  • Proven copyboard systems for more process efficiency

The OS Q: grows with the tasks and requirements.

The OS Q book scanner is designed as a modular and flexible scanning system. As the requirements and tasks grow, the system can be expanded and updated at any time.

This applies, for example, to the task of digitizing smaller formats in large resolution. An optional optical zoom is available for this purpose, as well as a macro lens as especially for digitizing small-format originals.

Furthermore, the set-up of the OS Q can be adapted to the respective task. For example, the exposure time and aperture can be variably adjusted.

And all known copyboard systems from the OMNIA series can also be used with the OS Q.

Technical Highlights:

  • Optical zoom (optional)
  • Variable exposure times and aperture settings
  • Interchangeable lenses incl. macro lens
  • Copyboard systems for a wide range of formats

The OS Q: User-friendly and healthy operation.

The Zeutschel OS Q book scanner offers numerous functions for simple, ergonomic and fatigue-free working.

During the scanning process, the line illumination guides the light over the original in a focused manner. This not only protects the documents, but also enables glare-free operation. This ensures compliance with important health regulations and work guidelines.

The copyboard systems offer ample legroom, are height-adjustable and are characterized by safe and simple operation.

The OS Q is controlled by the current version 12 of the OmniScan software, - now also with 48 bit data output.

Technical Highlights:

  • OmniScan software version 12 - now also with 48 bit data output
  • Focused line illumination for glare-free operation
  • Height-adjustable copyboard systems with ample legroom
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