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Zeutschel zeta Office at the 'Strahlentherapie Neckarsulm'. 50% more productive than a multi-function-device


"The investment into the zeta Office was more than worth it. As a digitisation accelerator it saves us time and costs."

Video: The Zeutschel zeta Office Overhead-Scanner in action

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The Challenge

For the 'Strahlentherapie Neckarsulm' an efficient information workflow is a 'must', to ensure that patients get the best treatment.

This requires that all medical information is electronically available. But approx. 50 percent of all patient records are still paper-based. The challenge is now to digitise all this paper documents fast and easy.

The Solution

The Zeutschel zeta Office is designed for the digitisation of bounded office documents.

The overhead scanner scans the documents from above. Therefore the binder can be kept open and for the next scans you just have to turn over the pages. As a result the digitisation of documents out of a binder is 50 per cent faster than before. Yet another benefit of the overhead scanner: Documents in A3 format can be processed efficiently as well.


The 'Strahlentherapie Neckarsulm' uses the Zeutschel zeta Office for the digitisation of its patient records.

In comparison to a multi-function-device, the overhead scanner is 50 percent more productive. Additonally documents bigger than A4 can be processed as well.

Dr. Jörg Ammann, head of the medical facility, concludes:"The investment into the zeta Office was more than worth it. As a digitisation accelerator it saves us time and costs."

More than 50 years in the digitisation

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