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Zeutschel successful at the Innovation Prize - IT

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The office version of the Zeutschel overhead scanner zeta is among the most innovative IT solutions, offering significant user value for medium-sized firms. At Innovation Prize - IT by the initiative Mittelstand (Medium-Sized Firms' Initiative), 'zeta goes office' was awarded the distinction 'Best of 2013' in the hardware category.

The award-winning Zeutschel overhead scanner is hence numbered within the top bracket of the 4,900 applications submitted. The awards offered as part of the Innovation Prize - IT by Initiative Mittelstand are now in their tenth year of promoting products that come with innovation and benefits for medium-sized companies. The patron of this year's Innovation Prize - IT is the Lower Saxony Ministry for Business, Employment and Transport.

"In 'zeta goes office', we enable medium-sized companies to improve control and optimisation of their output. This leads to a fall in printing costs and an increase in work productivity", comments Jörg Vogler, Managing Director at Zeutschel GmbH, eyeing the IT seal of approval for the Tübingen-based scanner specialist.

Using the Zeutschel scanning system, files, books or magazines are simply opened and scanned from above. The integrated Perfect Book software delivers perfect copy results from the very first scan. Distortions in book folds are eliminated and distracting elements such as the lever arch mechanism are automatically removed. Instead of printing, the electronic copy can be processed and saved in various formats – on flash drive, on the network, by e-mail attachment or stored in the cloud. The device is operated intuitively using the attached touchscreen, which also allows a preview of each scan. The flatbed scanner satisfies central environmental device property standards for output systems.

About Zeutschel:
Zeutschel GmbH is based in Hirschau near Tübingen and is a leading specialist provider in the field of cultural possession protection and has been supplying devices, solutions and systems for document and archive management for more than 50 years. With 60 members of staff, Zeutschel develops, produces and distributes scan systems, soft- and hardware solutions such as Campus software, delivery service software, image analysis software, capturing software as well as microfilm systems, hybrid systems and reading devices. Zeutschel's solutions and systems are used throughout the world by libraries, archives, universities, land registries and commercial enterprises.

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