February 2019 - New version of the zeta overhead scanner

More functionality at the same price:

The new zeta comes with a larger, state-of-the-art touchscreen, more computing power under Windows 10 and the latest zeta software version. The Zeutschel overhead scanner features a scanning unit located above the document support surface. Books, magazines and other documents can therefore be opened normally and scanned from above. This is much more efficient and productive compared to conventional scanning and copying systems.

The new zeta comes without a book cradle or with a comfort book cradle. An Office kit is also available for typical office applications, including the scanning of folders or bound documents. An upgrade offer is available for existing zeta users. More Information: http://www.zeutschel.de

“The new zeta will continue the success story of the first generation. Especially in the self-service sector of libraries and archives, where the overhead scanner has supplemented and partially replaced existing copy environments. We still see great market potential in public and academic libraries as well as in the archive sector," says Horst Schmeissing, Sales Manager at Zeutschel. He adds, “The overhead scanning principle has also found its customer base in the office sector, including banks, healthcare providers and law firms.”


The new zeta
Compared to the first generation model, the new zeta has a 21.5" touchscreen. This screen is almost twice the size, yet only increases the surface area by 2". The touchscreen is characterized by its high operating sensitivity and full HD resolution (1920 x 1080). Images are displayed sharper and more brilliantly in color, and the picture view from the side has been improved.
A new computer with Core i3 processor and SSD hard disk operates inside the touchscreen. This increases user productivity, e.g. by allowing images to be processed more quickly. USB 3.0 ports provide fast data transfer to external devices. Comes with the WIN 10 IoT Enterprise LTSB operating system (embedded version).

Optimized image results
The latest version (1.6) of the zeta software offers functions for optimized image results. The software automatically straightens templates that have been placed at an angle. Distortions caused by folds in thick books and book curves are corrected. In the Office version, the zeta software additionally removes annoying image elements such as bound documents and folder mechanisms including levers. This allows the user to scan directly from the folder without having to remove the documents beforehand and filing them in again. The integrated OCR (optical character recognition) engine makes it possible to create searchable PDFs from books, folders and other templates.

Through the scan-to-network function, digitized templates can be immediately stored on network drives. Scans can also be saved on a USB stick and sent by e-mail.

About Zeutschel:
With its scanning and microfilm systems, Zeutschel GmbH has played a key role in the digitization and digital preservation of valuable documents, both in librarianship and archive management as well as in industrial companies and public administration. The company is the global market leader in book scanners. The range of software products and accompanying services is extensive and supports libraries and archives in building up digital collections in the Internet and in the realization of digital services. The company, founded in 1961, employs 68 members of staff, and its products and services are represented in more than 100 countries. All Zeutschel products are "Made in Germany": The complete manufacture and entire research and development activities take place at the company's headquarters in Tübingen-Hirschau.


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