March 2019 - Congress of German Librarians: MSV Systemhaus acquires ScanStudio A0

Impress with quality and productivity


An agreement was concluded during the Congress of German Librarians in Leipzig by MSV Managing Directors Christian and Joachim Künzel and Zeutschel’s Sales Manager Horst Schmeissing.

ScanStudio is a universal all-in-one-digitization-system for books and other bound documents, as well as for films, slidesand glass negatives.

MSV’s main uses will be the digitization of newspapers and maps.. The system offers digitization services to librarian and archive professionals.

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"It was Zeutschel ScanStudio’s image quality that convinced us, especially at large formats A1 and A0. In addition, we can use the system to increase productivity and flexibility of our digitization processes," explains Christian Künzel, MSV’s Managing Director.

"MSV Systemhaus in Peine is our partner for digitization projects with the highest standards of quality. So we are all the more pleased about the decision for our ScanStudio," commented Horst Schmeissing, Zeutschel’s Sales Manager.

Digitize A0 formats in highest quality
MSV Systemhaus in Peine has 40 years of experience in the professional digitization of books and magazines, as well as image and film material. For the future, an even better market coverage is planned in Northern Germany together with an additional partner.

 "Our success is based on the fact that we combined proven and secure digitization processes with sophisticated, future-oriented systems," states MSV’s Managing Director Joachim Künzel. In addition, MSV sees itself as a pioneer for high quality awareness in cultural heritage digitization.

Zeutschel ScanStudio, which was introduced in 2017, soon aroused the interest of MSV’s Managing Directors. The system combines the best of two worlds, the world of studio photography with the world of professional scanners. Central product features are flexibility of use and high quality. Zeutschel ScanStudio fulfills the requirements of the international guidelines and standards for image quality, such as Metamorfoze, FADGI and ISO 19264. The system is available for A2 and A1 formats and now also for A0 originals.

This increases its application possibilities, especially in for large formats. This range of application is becoming an important business area for MSV. Joachim Künzel: "Libraries and archives are increasingly moving towards the digitization of their magazines, newspapers and maps."

Thanks to the outstanding sharpness of the camera used, newspaper and card digitization projects can be combined with an OCR engine. This achieves outstanding text recognition rates.

Increase productivity in everyday work
Productive business processes are an important competition factor for MSV Systemhaus. "When selecting our scanning equipment, we therefore pay attention to functions that further improve our workflows and increase productivity in everyday work," explains Christian Künzel.

For example, Zeutschel OmniScan 12 software allows to create own workflow templates that include all the important settings required for each respective project.

Once they are activated, the ScanStudio camera automatically travels to the correct position, and the user gets precise instructions on how to adjust the lighting.

The copyboard systems available also increase productivity. MSV will use ScanStudio A0 with the Zeutschel A1 book cradle OT 180 H 35. Work efficiency is provided by a self-opening glass plate, sliding, self-balancing book support plates and a switchable scan automatiion. The available book cradles are designed as easily changeable roll-in/roll-out tables. Sohe A1 book cradle can be exchanged easily with the A0 copy board.

About Zeutschel:
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