Product: Microfilm Scanner OM 1

Compact aperture card scanner

The OM 1 creates digital images of aperture cards that can then be browsed, viewed, printed, or emailed. The aperture card scanner features Hollerith detection and a fill tray for fully automatic scanning from the stack. Its ease of use makes it an ideal alternative to reader-printer devices.

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The main features and product benefits are:

Resolution 100-400 dpi
(200dpi, A2/ C-Size)*
370 cards per hour
(400dpi, A2/ C-Size)*
300 cards per hour
150 card, automated batch feed
Dual-save output
Greyscale and bitonal
Hollerith entry
Automatic (IBM, MIL STD 804B)
Check print capability Yes
Reduction ratio
(fixed focus)
7.5 to 40x (variable)
Scaling accuracy ± 0.5%
Film type Silver and diazo
Drawing sizes User defined within limits of tape window
Bitonal output file format TIFF (G3 od. G4), CALS, PNG, PDF
Greyscale output file format JPEG, BMP, RAW TIFF, PNG, PDF
Size (WxDxH) 170 x 460 x 210 mm
Weight 5.8 kg
Power requirements 110/230V, 270/210mA
PC connection
USB 2.0 Hi-speed 480MHz only
Operating system Windows 10 Prop (64 bit – only with Intel Processor), further alternatives on request
Controller PC specification Please see WWL website for current requirements
* Maximum scanning speed dependent on PC configuration

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Product: Microfilm Scanner OM 1

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