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Phone: +49 (7071) 9706-88

Our hotline is open from Monday to Friday 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

(Different availability times may apply to our service partners.
Please contact the respective service partner for details.)

In case of malfunction or image quality problems with your Zeutschel device, please contact your authorised Zeutschel dealer. To speed up processing of your service request and to avoid unnecessary inquiries, please download and complete the contact form::

Microfilm readers, microfilm processors and other film equipment can also be entered into the camera form. Leave any non-relevant fields empty. For hybrid systems, decide whether the problem lies with the camera or scanner and select the appropriate form. The form has been created using MS Word 97 (*.doc) and can be edited and saved directly onto your PC. This requires you having version 97 or higher of Word installed on your system. Should this not be the case, select the PDF version:

These can be printed from your PC and filled out by hand providing you have installed the free Acrobat Reader. Send the completed form to your Zeutschel dealer by fax or scan it and send by e-mail.

» Step by step procedure in the event of a service request

  1. Download the appropriate form from this site to your PC
  2. Save the form to your PC and open by double-clicking
  3. a) Word: complete the form field by field. Use the TAB key to jump to the next entry, the square check boxes can be selected by pressing the SPACE key.
    b) go to step 4.
  4. Print out the form on your printer
  5. a) The Word form can be stored as a *.doc file and then attached to an e-mail. Alternatively, you can also send the printed form by fax to your Zeutschel dealer.
    b) The PDF form should be completed by hand and then sent by fax to your Zeutschel dealer or scan it and send by e-mail.
  6. In case of image problems, do not forget to send sample scans or sample films with the form.
  7. Then contact your dealer and discuss how to proceed further.

(PDF-Download) Download Cleaning and Disinfection of Zeutschel Scanners

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