We make the world's knowledge digitally available

Preserving valuable cultural heritage and making them available worldwide. Archive business-critical information over long periods of time. Simply scan and copy bound documents and large-format originals. With all these tasks, Zeutschel has been supporting libraries, archives, banks and insurance companies, industrial companies and law firms since 1961.

"Hidden champion" in digital scanning technology

Zeutschel is by far a "hidden world market leader" in overhead scanners and matching software applications.

Almost every national library and archive in the world has a Zeutschel system in operation. Customers are located in all continents of the world - from the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek and the British Library in Europe, to the National Archives in the USA and the National Library of Brazil to the national libraries in China and South Africa.

Innovative products set trends

Our market leadership is based on innovative products that have repeatedly given new impetus to the market. Zeutschel developed the first book scanner (OS 3000), the first overhead scanner for a wide range of users (OS 12000) and, with zeta, a scanning system for the self-service area of libraries and as a supplement for multifunctional devices in the office sector.

Current product highlights are the OS Q and OS HQ scanner series, which offer unprecedented image quality and productivity when scanning large formats. Thanks to an in-house developed camera, the highest levels of existing standards and guidelines for image quality are achieved and in some cases even exceeded - even in A0+ format.

Long-standing partners in over 60 countries worldwide

Another guarantee for the company's success are partnerships that have grown over decades and are based on mutual respect and trust. In over 60 countries worldwide, digitization specialists help you find the right solution for your project.

At Zeutschel, partnerships are actively lived. We meet regularly at the company site in Tübingen to discuss new products and market developments and maintain close personal contact.

Sustainability is our focus

We understand sustainability as a holistic concept that encompasses economic, ecological and social commitment. The corporate strategy is geared towards long-term, organic growth. From an engineering office with two employees, Zeutschel has developed into a globally active and respected company with around 60 employees.

Business success and ecological responsibility go hand in hand at Zeutschel. For us, "Made in Germany" means that all product development and manufacturing takes place at the company's site in Tübingen. We also make sure that most of the equipment components come from suppliers in the region. And Zeutschel produces and works in accordance with the legal requirements for environmental protection, occupational health and safety.

Since 2021, Zeutschel has been operating in a climate-neutral manner, and we are currently introducing an environmental management system in accordance with DIN ISO 14001.

Zeutschel pays fair wages and has been training young people as industrial clerks and mechatronics technicians since 2004.

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