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Zeutschel Overhead Scanners
for large formats

The OS HQ:
High-End overhead scanner

Scanning of A1 and A0 formats: This is what the new OS HQ overhead scanner from Zeutschel is designed for.

The new Zeutschel flagship scanner lives up to its name - HQ stands for High Quality - a physical resolution twice as high as its "smaller brother" OS Q. At least 10 LP/mm at up to 138 cm original width. An image quality that exceeds the current image standards for the A1 and A0 large formats.

The Zeutschel OS HQ can be combined with various Zeutschel copyboard systems in A1 and A0 format, depending on the size of the original.

The Zeutschel book scanner OS HQ is available from Q2 2020.

Der Zeutschel Scanner OS HQ digitalisiert A1- und A0-Formate in höchster Qualität.

The high-end book scanner can be combined with various Zeutschel copyboard systems in A1 and A0 format.
The OS HQ in use with A1 book cradle OT180 H35XL.

The OS HQ:
the new benchmark for digitizing large format originals

Large books, magazines, maps and much more: The Zeutschel OS HQ delivers an image quality which exceeds the highest quality levels of the digitization standards ISO 19264, Metamorfoze and FADGI - even at A0+ format.

For the first time, the OS HQ uses a gigapixel line scan camera system developed by Zeutschel that has the largest CMOS sensor in the overhead scanner market.

This achieves an unprecedented image quality right up to the edge of the original, even with formats larger than A0. The digital images created with OS HQ are sharp, low-noise, high-contrast and reproduce even the finest details.

A further quality component is the lighting system with the latest LED technology. This ensures uniform brightness at daylight level in the entire scan area. The lighting system enables reflection-free and shadow-free reproduction even of difficult originals. This prevents reflections on shiny surfaces or shadows in the book gutter.

The camera sensor, lens and lighting are also optimally matched to each other, so that results are produced with the highest colour fidelity.

Technical Highlights

  • World’s first gigapixel line scan camera system in the overhead scanner market
  • Largest CMOS sensor deployed in overhead scanners
  • Exceeds ISO 19264 Level A, Metamorfoze Full and FADGI 4 Star even at A0+ format
  • Internal image processing with 96 bit depth.
  • Data output in 48 bit/24 bit color and 16 bit/8 bit grey
  • True RGB capture on each pixel (no color interpolation)
  • Color rendering index of LED lighting (CRI > 97)
Der Zeutschel OS HQ setzt weltweit zum ersten Mal ein Gigapixel-Zeilenkamerasystem ein.

The OS HQ:
unchallenged productive

The Zeutschel overhead scanners for A1 and A0 formats have always been considered a reference for productive scanning, which is confirmed by renowned national libraries and archives worldwide.

Now Zeutschel starts a new productivity era in digitizing large documents with the OS HQ.

In addition to a very high scanning speed, the OS HQ convinces with efficient original processing and fast data transfer.

The OS HQ overhead scanner scores here with true parallel scanning - in both directions. The cameralink interface offers fastest data transfer from the camera to the PC.

The Zeutschel copyboard systems, which have proven themselves in numerous digitization projects, can also be used with the new OS HQ. Functions such as the self-opening glass plate and the automatic lowering after capture support the efficiency of the scanning process.

Technical Highlights:

  • Highest production speed when digitizing large originals
  • True parallel scanning
  • Cameralink interface for fastest image transmission
  • Zeutschel copyboard systems for A1 and A0 formats
Der Zeutschel Aufsichtscanner OS HQ lässt sich mit einem optischen Zoom sowie Buchwippen und Aufnahmetischen erweitern.

The OS HQ:
grows with the tasks and requirements.

The OS HQ book scanner is designed as a modular and flexible scanning system. As the requirements and tasks grow, the system can be expanded and updated at any time.

This applies, for example, to the task of digitizing parts of the original in large resolution. An optional optical zoom is available for this purpose.

Furthermore, the set-up of OS HQ can be adapted to the respective task. For example, the exposure time and aperture can be variably adjusted and can be defined individually in project folders of the OmniScan scan software.

And well-known copyboard systems from the OMNIA series offer a high level of operating convenience and maximum protection of the original.

Technical Highlights:

  • Optical zoom (optional)
  • Variable exposure times and aperture settings
  • Zeutschel book cradles as well as copyboard systems and vacuum tables
Die bewährten Zeutschel Aufnahmesysteme sind auch für den Scanner OS HQ verfügbar.

The high-end book scanner can be combined with various Zeutschel copyboard systems in A1 and A0 format.
The OS HQ in use with A0 table and glass plate AT1.

The OS HQ:
ergonomic and easy to use.

The Zeutschel OS HQ overhead scanner offers numerous functions for simple, ergonomic and fatigue-free working.

During the scanning process, the line illumination guides the light over the original in a focused manner. This not only protects the documents, but also enables glare-free operation. This ensures compliance with important health regulations and work guidelines.

The copyboard systems offer great legroom and are characterized by safe and simple operation.

The OS HQ is controlled by the current version 12 of the OmniScan software, now also with 48 bit data output.

Technical Highlights:

  • OmniScan software version 12.12 - with 48 bit data output and many other new features
  • Focused line illumination for glare-free operation
  • Copyboard systems with great legroom
Der Zeutschel OS HQ wird mit der OmniScan-Software gesteuert.

What others say about the OS Q/HQ overhead scanners

The new OS Q and OS HQ book scanner will help us maintain and grow our quality advantage over the competition while at the same time improving in-house productivity.Pat Crowley, President The Crowley Company

Zeutschel's development department has succeeded in raising the quality of images in digitization projects to a new level.Paul Negus, Managing Director Genus

Zeutschel once again sets the standard for quality and efficiency.Andreas Boenke, Geschäftsführer Rosenberger GmbH & Co. KG

OS Q: The new Zeutschel scanner generation

For productive digitization tasks in high resolution - from A2 to A0

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