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Digitizing Archive Holdings – Solutions by Zeutschel

Zeutschel is presenting scan systems, accessories, and software for the current digitization requirements of archives at ARCHIVISTICA, booth D4-D6.

Consistently High Image Quality

The software module “Inline Quality Control” allows continuous monitoring of image quality with every scan – in automated processes and without any time loss. Digital copies with image quality that does not meet project specifications are immediately recognizable. This helps to avoid waste, preventing time-consuming re-scans. The software and hardware can also be retrofitted to existing Zeutschel scanners. Contact your Sales Partner for more details.

For more information on inline quality control, visit:

OS A – One Scanner for All Archive Holdings

With the OS A overhead scanner, archives receive a system to digitize their heterogeneous collections easily, efficiently and with high image quality. The OS A utilizes semi-professional and professional digital cameras from Canon, Fuji, and Sony. Conveniently, the Zeutschel Scan Software OS 12 handles the necessary camera calibrations and optimizes the images. If project settings change, the software performs an automatic scanner recalibration. Key quality features like light exposure, color reproduction and shading are always optimally adjusted, giving consistently reproducible, high-quality results. The OS A is now also available in A1 format and with a modular backlight unit for various film materials, framed slides, and glass negatives.

For more product information on the OS A, visit:

Allround Overhead Scanner OS C2 Advanced Plus

Many city archives are currently working on digitizing their council records, including official documents, stitched files and DIN A4 sheets. The OS C2 Advanced Plus overhead scanner, equipped with a book cradle and a motorized glass plate, is designed precisely for these archive tasks. It offers standardized high image quality (ISO 19264-1 Level B), efficient workflows, and gentle handling of the originals. With these features, the OS C2 Advanced Plus is indispensable for daily work in the digitization center.

For more product information on the OS C2 Advanced Plus, visit

Flexible V-Scanning Kit

In the field of digitization, there are often historically valuable and delicate books that cannot be fully opened. To scan these with maximum care, Zeutschel offers a flexible V-Kit for its overhead scanners (for zeta comfort, OS 15000, OS C2 Advanced/Advanced Plus, and chrome). The V-Kit can be used at three different opening angles, ranging from 130° to 180°.

Hybrid Scan Workstation: Overhead Scanner and Document Scanner in Tandem

The hybrid scan station, featuring the Zeutschel overhead scanner OS 15000 (alternatively OS 12002 or OS C2) and the XINO document scanner from Janich & Klaas, offers the ideal solution for digitizing highly heterogeneous documents. It allows single-page batch processing as well as digitizing large-format and bound documents during document scanning. Both scanning systems are controlled by the DpuScan scanning software from one single profile.

Microfilm Scanners for Reading Room Applications

The delta+ advanced scanning system digitizes microfilm formats, slides, and negatives simply and efficiently. Reading room users can either print analog formats or take digital images on a USB stick. The microfilm scanner features a high-resolution 20-megapixel image sensor with color mode, real-time image display, USB 3.0 interface, user-friendly touchscreen operation and motorized film transport.

For more product information on the delta+ advanced, visit:

Zeutschel at ARCHIVISTICA – Booth D4-D6


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