For our customers, high image quality and productivity is crucial.

To achieve this, Zeutschel develops and produces holistic digitization solutions consisting of overhead scanners, matching software and copyboard systems.

"Scan from above" for a wide variety of originals

With Zeutschel devices, the scanning unit is located above the document surface and the scan is performed from above. Thanks to this top-scan technology, documents in larger formats or bound originals can be digitized without contact and thus digitized gently and conveniently.

Solutions such as the zeta self-service scanner can also be used as a book copier to create digital copies easily and quickly in the open access area of libraries or in the entire office environment.

Typical originals are building plans, drawings, construction files, balance sheets and entire file folders, but also books and historical documents.

From mass digitization to long-term archiving, to the digital office.

A central area of application for our solutions are mass digitization projects of special service providers. This involves digitizing or filming large collections of libraries, archives and museums. Systems such as ScanStudio bridge the gap between scanning and photo studio applications and thus enable the digitization of a wide variety of originals - from stamps and coins to films and glass negatives, to books and large format originals.

In industry, our products help meet legal requirements for long-term archiving. Documents are productively digitized and then stored in a space-saving and secure manner.

Law firms use our scanners as a replacement for multi-function devices and as an efficient tool for digitizing entire file folders.

And we support land registry offices and other public administrative institutions in digitizing a wide variety of work processes.

Achieve high image quality

Zeutschel products and solutions can be used to create high-quality digital copies. These are used in a wide variety of applications... a true-to-original image for research work and reproductions. a digital duplicate for long-term archiving.

.....or for indexing further content, for example in text recognition.

With the integrated Perfect Book technology, an optimal result is achieved right from the first scan. Crooked pages are straightened, disturbing elements such as Post-Its are removed and distorted letters in the book fold are corrected - all automatically.

Compared to the previous multifunction device, we scan more than 50 per cent faster with the zeta.

Scan more productively

Overhead scanning technology ensures high process efficiency when digitizing bound documents. These remain open on the original surface, while the page is simply turned for the next scan.

The scanners are controlled by the OmniScan capture software, which has been tried and tested in many projects. The software is easy to use and contains a wide range of practical functions for image capture and image optimization.

Various capture systems such as book cradles as well as top light tables and backlight units support productive scanning work.

What we do for libraries, archives and museums.

What added value our software applications offer you.

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