Product: Overhead Scanner OS Q1

A1+ Scanner of the latest Zeutschel generation

OS Q1 scanner for A1-formats. In-house developed camera system with CMOS sensor. Data output in 48 bit/24 bit color and 16 bit/8 bit gray. LED illumination system. Optical zoom. Ergonomic working. Interchangeable copyboard systems, book cradles and book holders optionally available.


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The OS Q1 overhead scanner meets the highest demands for image quality, process efficiency and productivity.

The unique image quality of the OS Q1 is based on the perfect interaction of particularly high-quality technical components.

The camera is characterised by a high dynamic range and the reproduction of even the finest gradations. The result: sharp, low-noise and high-contrast images that faithfully reproduce even the finest details. A special light guide of the LED illumination system, with a constant angle, enables the OS Q1 to reproduce even difficult originals without reflections or shadows. Reflections on glossy surfaces or shadows in the book fold are optically corrected. A CRI value of over 97 in conjunction with optimally matched camera and lighting components makes excellent colour reproduction possible.

Thus, the image quality of the OS Q1 meets the highest levels of current standards and guidelines for image quality.

The OS Q1 sets the benchmark for high scanning productivity. The OS Q scanner series achieves maximum efficiency in the scanning process through perfect interaction with Zeutschel’s proven imaging systems. Functions such as self-opening glass plates, sliding, self-balancing book support plates and an automatic scanning system ensure maximum productivity.

The most important functions and product advantages:

Camera Sensor RGB line sensor (3-channel, CMOS technology)
Resolution MeanMTF10 at 600 ppi: 9 LP/mm (with max. zoom-in up to 12 LP/mm)
Recording system wear-free mechanical shutter, variable exposure time, electronically adjustable
shutter; automatic white and black balance, variable depth of focus
Max. original size >DIN A1, depending on book cradle
Max. book thickness with book cradle OT 180 H 35 XL700 – 350 mm
with book cradle OT 180 H 50 XL – 500 mm
Scan unit CMOS RGB sensor
Scan mode 96 bit color
Scanning Speed (from start to end of scanning process) in A1
200 ppi – 3.5 sec.
400 ppi – 5.9 sec.
600 ppi – 7.6 sec.
Scanner interface Camera Link
Zoom A1 – A2
Resolution 100 – 600 ppi
Electrical data/safety
Voltage 110 – 240 V
Frequency 50 – 60 Hz
Max. Consumption
440 W
Safety inspections /
– Authorization in accordance with the IEC agreement (international authorization
for the safety of IT products – includes EMC, electrical safety, device safety for
– LEDs tested in accordance with: IEC 62471:2006 “Photobiological safety of
lamps and lamp systems”
Width 1370 mm / 53.93″
Depth scanner including copy board system – 2200 mm / 78.74″
Height 2144 mm / 84.40″
Copy board system OT 180 H35 XL700, OT 180 H50 XL, OT 180 H 35 XL700,
OT 180 H, OT 180, AT 1, Vacuum Table
Accessories for
copy board systems
Kit 90°, book holder 110° – 140°
Recommended working conditions
Temperature range 18 – 35 °C
Relative air humidity,
80 %
Operating System Windows 10 (64 Bit) – from OS 12.14 Windows 11
Capturing Software min. OmniScan OS 12.12 64 bit

Technical changes reserved

Formular Produktanfrage (EN)

Formular Produktanfrage (EN)

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Product: Overhead Scanner OS Q1

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