Product: OS QM-Tool

Software for regular analysis of image quality

With the OS QM-Tool, the evaluation of a single scan is sufficient to analyze all relevant quality features and to evaluate them against ISO standards and guidelines. Direct connection to scanning software OmniScan enables quality checks already during the scanning process. The quality check can be performed randomly or directly during scanning “on-the-fly”. The result is constant monitoring of image quality with every scan.

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OS QM Tool: Quality analysis made easy

The OS QM-Tool is a software solution with which all relevant quality features of digital images can be analysed and evaluated according to ISO standards and guidelines.

Using ISO 19264-1 compliant Universal Test Targets (UTT), the analysis software captures and evaluates all relevant parameters with just one scan. Thus, the QM tool can determine within a few seconds whether an image complies with the required standard or not. Integration with the OmniScan scanning software is possible via an optional direct interface.

In this way, quality control is automated in the production process and not afterwards in a process downstream of production.

Quality analysis can be carried out on a random basis, for example after 100 or 200 scans. With a new solution from Zeutschel, inline quality inspection is now also possible with every scan. This means that there is no longer a single scan that falls outside the defined standard.


Testing of the following quality parameters

Noise according to ISO 15739 and ISO 21550

OECF according to ISO 14525 and ISO 21550

MTF according to ISO 12233 ind ISO 16067-1

Geometry according to ISO 17850

Homogeneity according to ISO 17957

Technical parameters

Formular Produktanfrage (EN)

Formular Produktanfrage (EN)

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Product: OS QM-Tool

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