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Office scanner zeta office: Copying and scanning from above

Faced with the task of converting patient information to an electronic format, Strahlentherapie Neckarsulm opted for the office scanner zeta office. Here the scanner is “upside down”. This saves the practice both time and money.

It is Strahlentherapie Neckarsulm’s aspiration to offer radiation therapy of the highest order. As well as the latest equipment, this also includes having efficient work processes according to Dr. Jörg Aßmann who runs the practice. That presupposes that all patient information is available electronically.

“The major benefit is that patient information can be called up from any work station – whether in the office or downstairs at the accelerator. We also save on storage space for archiving files”, explains Dr. Jörg Aßmann.

Digitizing complete binders

However, around half of all patient information still arrives at the practice in paper format. In some cases, whole binders full of documents are delivered. That quickly adds up to 1,000 binders a year.

Some of the documents are digitized using a small scanner with a feeder mechanism. But larger documents or material from the binders had to be done on the multifunctional unit.

“Scanning the binder was very time-consuming as it involved constantly taking documents out and putting them back again. And any format larger than A4 was totally impossible”, says Dr. Jörg Aßmann, describing the disadvantages.

Office scanner “turned on its head”

Searching for alternatives, Dr. Aßmann came across zeta Office from Zeutschel. The overhead scanner is specially designed for digitizing bound office documents.

Because the Zeutschel zeta Office scans from above. So the binder remains open on the scanning surface; to prepare for the next scan, simply turn over the page.
Installing the unit was easy and uncomplicated, recalls Dr. Aßmann: “Plug in, switch on and off we went with the first scan.”

Staff at Strahlentherapie Neckarsulm use the overhead scanner for all radiation documentation such as computer tomography scans, radiation plans and above all for digitizing the contents of binders.

Office scanner offers 50 % more productivity

The last mentioned activity in particular has since been running highly efficiently: “By comparison with previously, we now scan documents from binders more than 50 percent faster. As a result, our staff can concentrate on other more demanding tasks. And the unit delivers top quality”, says Dr. Aßmann as he describes the experience in the practice.

For example, the intelligent operating software ensures the best possible result on the very first scan. Disruptive elements such as binder mechanisms and levers are automatically removed and crooked pages are straightened.

The digital data can be saved to the network immediately with the result that scanned documents arrive promptly in the practice management system and can be called up.

The entire process is therefore productive and represents a seamless transition. Dr. Aßmann’s conclusion is correspondingly positive: “The investment in zeta Office has paid off. As a way of speeding up digitization, it saves time and money.”

Strahlentherapie Neckarsulm

Strahlentherapie Neckarsulm is one of the most modern radiation therapy practices in Germany. It covers a broad range of radiation therapies – whether malignant tumors or benign diseases such as osteoarthritis or tennis elbow. Every year, around 1,000 patients benefit from modern equipment of the highest order. For example, the practice owns a latest generation accelerator.

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