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Zeutschel Book Scanner OS Q: New benchmark for quality and productivity

Zeutschel presents the OS Q. Anew generation of book scanners with state-of-the-art technology.

It includes a giga pixel camera with a large CMOS sensor and data output in 48 bit / 24 bit color and 16 bit / 8 bit grayscale.

Added to this is a lighting system using the latest LED technology. This results in images which meet the highest quality levels defined in the digitization standards ISO 19264, Metamorfoze and FADGI.
The OS Q also promotes the highest level of productivity. Important functions facilitating the realization of this ambition include a high scanning speed, genuine parallel scanning, fast data transfer and the familiar OmniScan software.

As a modular, flexible system, the OS Q can be easily adapted to meet new requirements, e.g. with an optional zoom and the proven Zeutschel copy board systems.The new Zeutschel book scanner will be available in three versions from the summer of 2019: the OS Q2 for formats up to A2, the OS Q1 for formats up to A1 and the OS Q0 for formats up to A0.

“New technologies and our systematic pursuit of innovation have led to the next generation of Zeutschel book scanners with which we are setting a new benchmark for high-quality, production-scale scanning”, says Jörg Vogler, Managing Director of Zeutschel GmbH.

Quality on a new scale

The giga pixel camera in the OS Q offers a resolution of up to 1000 ppi. Its outstanding performance is notable for its high dynamic range as well as its ability to reproduce the finest of gradations. The results are sharp, noise-free and high contrast images that faithfully reproduce even the finest details.

The LED lighting system used provides homogeneous light and even brightness throughout the entire area of the scan. Combining it with special light management prevents reflexions on shiny surfaces or shadows in the gutter. Camera sensor and lighting are perfectly attuned with the result that a unique color reproduction is achieved.The lighting system also focuses the light and directs it over the subject thus protecting documents and enabling glare-free operation.

High processor efficiency, maximum flexibility

The previous high-end model, the OS 14000, has hitherto been regarded as the non plus ultra for production-scale book scanning. Zeutschel’s OS Q has now raised the bar. The Zeutschel book scanner achieves almost twice the scanning speed of the OS 14000 and even higher image quality.Genuine, parallel scanning in both directions as well as the Camera Link Interface for fast data transmission add up to high process efficiency.

Zeutschel’s OS Q grows with its assignments.

The optional optical zoom can be used to digitize smaller formats in even higher resolution. There are also further accessories in the shape of a macro lens specially for scanning small-format subjects.
In addition, all known copyboard systems from the OMNIA series can be used with the OS Q.

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