Zeutschel OS C: New all-round overhead scanner

The Zeutschel Professional scanner series is known for its high image quality, productive operation and ease of use.

Now we are continuing the success story of the best-selling A2 overhead scanners on the market: curtain up for the OS C.

These seven features make the OS C overhead scanners indispensable for any digitizing job:

1. Standardized high image quality

We have re-designed the scanning head with a new scan drive so that it now runs even more precisely and smoothly. In addition, the LED illumination has been further optimized. And we now measure the thickness of the book even more precisely, so that you continuously receive an optimally sharp image of your book pages. All this adds up to very good image results that can meet Metamorfoze Light and ISO 19264 Level B quality standards at 300 ppi resolution.

2. 100% tested quality

The OS C also enables automated quality control of every single scan. This is ensured by the perfect interaction of the OmniScan 12 capturing software with the OS QM tool for quality analysis and a so-called “Object Level Target”, which is placed next to the original. First, you define the quality parameters relevant for your project in the software.

After triggering the scan, the image data of the “Object Level Target” are transferred to the quality analysis software. The software analyzes the image results and indicates whether the inspection was passed or not. All this happens “on-the-fly”, i.e. in a fraction of a second.

3. Robustly designed for a long service life

The OS C is based on a robust dual-column construction as known from the high-end OS Q and OS HQ series. Only metal is used as the construction material. This enables very high device stability over long periods of time.

4. Productive, gentle work

The OS C accelerates your digitization projects with very short scan times. This is ensured by the electronic components proven in Zeutschel scanners and the OmniScan 12 capturing software, which guides your scan operators easily and efficiently through the entire image processing – from image capture to image optimization to output in various formats. Field-proven book cradles with new improved holders and glass plate controls ensure gentle digitization and support automated work processes.

5. Simple, ergonomic operation

OS C overhead scanners are controlled by OmniScan 12 capturing software, proven in many digitization projects. The dual-column design allows the use of larger monitors that are placed in the direct field of view of the scan operator rather than on the side. The illumination is activated only for the scanning process, which minimizes light exposure for your scan operator as well as the precious originals.

6. Sustainable product concept

The OS C follows a sustainable product concept. Plastic is completely dispensed with for the device parts. The metals used are easily recyclable. The recycling rate is almost 100 %. Zeutschel has been operating climate-neutrally since 2021 and has been certified according to DIN ISO 14001, the standard for the introduction of an environmental management system.

7. “Made in Germany”

“Made in Germany” is part of everyday life at Zeutschel. All product development and manufacturing takes place at the company site in Tübingen. We also make sure that the equipment components are largely sourced from suppliers in the region. Production and work at Zeutschel is carried out in compliance with the legal requirements for environmental protection, occupational health and safety. Our entire processes and quality management have been certified according to ISO 9001 since 2016. And we have been training young people as industrial clerks and mechatronics engineers since 2004.

Discover more about the scanner OS C.

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