For digitization projects, Zeutschel offers innovative scanning systems as well as easy-to-use and powerful software solutions.

Our employees have extensive qualifications and professional experience in the software environment. In addition, we have many discussions with our customers and are actively involved in many digitization projects.

Image Capture and Image Optimization

OmniScan is a universal software for image capture, image optimization, indexing and output in various file formats.

The scanning software features the proprietary Perfect Book technology for the perfect result right from the first scan. Perfect Book automatically straightens out jammed letters in the book fold, straightens skewed pages, retouches away thumbs or fingers holding the book and separates pages.

OmniScan is designed for use with Zeutschel overhead scanners, but can also be used with other manufacturers' scanning systems.

Zeutschel is committed to the organizational, content-related and technical further development of the open source software "Kitodo".

Scanning and capturing microfilm

With QuantumScan and QuantumProcess, microforms can be digitized in high quality in a largely automated process. In the process, the individual images are cleanly recognized and, if necessary, processed with the help of numerous tools.

Ensure consistently high image quality

The OS QM Tool makes it possible to evaluate all relevant characteristics of the achieved image quality by evaluating a single scan. For this purpose, a standard-compliant Universal Test Target (UTT) is used to generate the reference data. These are then compared and evaluated by the analysis software with the specifications of common ISO standards and guidelines.

The quality check is carried out directly during scanning "on-the-fly". This means that there is no longer a single scan that is outside the defined standard.

Completely cover the building of digital collections

With the open source software Kitodo - libraries, archives and documentation centres can model, control and monitor the entire digitization workflow. This ranges from planning and catalogue data import to order control, metadata supplementation and OCR recognition to the presentation of digital collections on the internet and the associated reporting.

In addition, Zeutschel offers a software module that can be used to expand and optimize Kitodo projects. The ZED server helps to automate recurring and time-consuming processes.

What we do for libraries, archives and museums.

How digitization service providers, industry, public authorities, banks & insurance companies and law firms benefit from our scanning solutions.

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