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First Deliveries of Zeutschel OS Q

The Zeutschel OS Q Overhead Scanner has been delivered to universities, authorities and service companies for the first time. It will be applied to digitalize maps, books, construction drawings and historical certificates. Utilizing the scanning system in practical applications, users are reportedly convinced by its very high image quality, extremely short scanning cycles and ergonomic operation.

“Shortly after market launch in November 2019, the Zeutschel OS Q Overhead Scanner has become another Zeutschel success story. We are currently recording high demand both domestically and abroad, while we already installed more than 20 systems worldwide. And the first reports from the market show that we have lived up to our claim of producing a new reference for high-quality digitization projects,” explains Wolf-Christopher Gramatte, Head of International Sales at Zeutschel GmbH.

In line with the highest imagine quality levels

The Construction Authority in The Hague is using three OS Q1s for formats greater than A1 and one OS Q0 for formats greater than A0. A volume of construction drawings extending over 3.2 km of shelves have to be scanned with the Zeutschel overhead scanners. The formats are between A5 and A0.

The authority demands that the scanners used feature high image quality, which must meet the customary ISO and Metamorfoze stipulations. No problem for the Zeutschel OS Q: It fulfills the highest quality levels of the ISO 19264 Quality Level A, Full Metamorfoze and FADGI 4-star digitalization standards. The OS Q also features high scanning productivity.

In addition to the scanners, the Den Haag building authority of Den Haag is also using the entire software solution to support the digitization workflow and the presentation of the digital files provided by Zeutschel (Kitodo and Z-Server).

Gentle and productive scanning

The Friedrich-Schiller-University in Jena uses a model of the OS Q1 with optical zoom in order to digitalize books, maps and other scanning documents gently and quickly. The overhead scanner is located in the multimedia unit of the data center and is available to both the employees and students. According to user statements, the OS Q1 Zoom offers higher productivity and image quality compared to the digitalization system used to date. They say that another product advantage of the Zeutschel overhead scanner is its improved system ergonomics due to the semi-automatic book cradle function and a quiet working mode.

For the Raum company in Römerstein, top image quality and an extremely gentle treatment of the templates are the most important scanning requirements. This book and paper restoration workshop has digitalized several thousand historical certificates with seals for the North Rhine-Westphalia state archive using an OS Q1. The project managers of the state archive are very satisfied with the quality of the delivered images. Other projects from the archive are already being processed using the OS Q1.

The Zeutschel OS Q Overhead Scanner

The Zeutschel OS Q1 is the new scanner reference point for digitalization at the highest quality and productivity levels.The unique image quality is based on the perfect interplay of the latest technical components. These include a newly developed camera with large CMOS sensor and an LED illumination system. This produces high-definition, low-noise images with color fidelity, which correspond to the highest quality levels of the customary ISO, Metamorfoze and FADGI digitalization standards. Even the most difficult templates – for example, with a pronounced book fold – are reproduced with no reflection or shade.

Alongside a high scanning speed, the OS Q scores points under the heading of productivity with genuine parallel scanning in both directions. The camera link interface enables a fast data transfer from the camera to the PC.

The recording systems recognized by other Zeutschel overhead scanners support the efficiency of the scanning process and enable users to work ergonomically. Alongside book cradles and recording tables with and without glass plates, an optical zoom is optionally available


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